"Drugs do not restore, but destroy... The God of nature directs the human agent to use natural remedies now." - EGW

Essential Oils for Diabetes

The effects of diabetes, the leading cause of cardiovascular disease and premature death in Westernized countries, can be greatly reduced with making healthy lifestyle changes and incorporating into your daily regimen genuine therapeutic grade essential oils and NingXia Red.

Diabetes is a group of diseases knows as Type 1 immune-mediated and Type 2 insulin-resistant diabetes mellitus and gestational diabetes mellitus, which can even occur during some pregnancies.

This disease is defined as high levels of blood glucose resulting from defects in insulin production, insulin action, or both. In short what this means is that too much sugar, or glucose, is in the blood and it can lead to serious health complications including premature death. Some of the symptoms experienced are unusual thirst, a frequent desire to urinate, blurred vision, and a feeling of being tired most of the time for no reason.

According to an a 2011 article by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention 25.8 million people in the U.S. are affected. That is 8.5% of the total population. This is a serious problem that needs serious attention.

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 usually manifests by age 30 and is often considered to be genetic. It is a condition where the immune system mistakenly destroys the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas. This is called the autoimmune response. According to scientists, doctors and researchers, there is no way to cure Type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 generally manifests later in life and is most likely linked to poor nutrition. Type 2 diabetes accounts for about 90-95% of all diagnosed cases of diabetes. It usually begins with insulin resistance, a disorder in which the cells do not use insulin properly or there is not enough insulin to go around the body. The result is high levels of glucose in the blood.

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is not unlike the other types, but researchers suggest that hormones are the contributing factor. The placenta produces large amounts of various hormones and some of them have been linked to blocking insulin. It is said that women who have had gestational diabetes have a 40-60% chance of developing diabetes in the next 5 to 10 years.

Contributing Factors

There are a number of things that are contributing to the diabetic crises. Factors such as:

  • Genes
  • Viruses
  • Foods
  • Chemical Exposure
  • Free Radicals

With the exception of the genes, making better lifestyle choices and seeking natural healing options will help eliminate the chance of getting diabetes and/or reverse the effects of it.

Recommended Essential Oils

Essential oils are one of your most powerful weapons for natural healing and there are a number of essential oils that are excellent for those suffering with diabetes. Essential oils such as:

Suggested Uses

Diffuse oils or inhale directly from your hand
• Take internally

NingXia Wolfberries

The NingXia Wolfberry has been shown to balance the pancreas and is a detoxifier and cleanser. It is also has an extremely low glycemic index of only 29. Diabetes is not common in certain regions of China where the wolfberry is regularly consumed. There are reports of many people being able to actually get off of insulin because of their daily dose of NingXia Red and Ocotea.


The stevia leaf extract is one of the most health restoring plants known. It is a natural sweetener, has no calories, and does not have the harmful side effects of processed sugar or sugar substitutes, which are extremely harmful to those suffering with diabetes. Substituting stevia for sugar will help to rebuild glucose tolerance and normalize blood sugar fluctuations. Stevia is also the sweetener used in the new NingXia Red super antioxidant drink.

Success Stories

Lowered Blood Sugar By 26 Points In 15 Minutes

I measure my blood sugar in the morning and it has been creeping up. This is true regardless of how well I have eaten, it’s now normally in the 130s upon waking.

So at a random time in the middle of the day I decided to check again and sure enough it was 131. I decided to take 2 drops of ginger, 2 drops of nutmeg and 2 drops of ocotea. I rechecked my blood using my glucometer and my blood sugar was now 105. -- Ghina Siddiqui

Diabetes - Blood Sugar Level Lowered

I have a friend who wanted to try Ningxia Red (which rates 363 on the super ORAC scale) to see if it would help him feel any better than he did while drinking his brand (which rates 1.2 on the super ORAC scale). He is diabetic and wants to maintain the health he still has so he drinks three one ounce 'shots' of Ningxia Red per day. When he ordered his second bottle I asked him if he noticed a difference and he said his Blood sugar level has been 12 - 15 points lower every morning since he switched to Ningxia Red. -- Brent Gast

Diabetic Oil Blend

A few weeks ago, I added the Essential Oil Desk Reference suggestion of mixing equal amounts of Thieves, Coriander, Fennel and Dill massaging this blend on pancreas Vita Flex points of the left foot 2-4 times daily and applying a warm compress of the blend over pancreas area to my daily routine of oils and Ningxia Red. My average blood sugar reading dropped another 10 points.

It’s been six months since I’ve been using Ningxia Red. I take 2 ounces 3 times daily and various oils. Last week I went to the doctor and got a A1C test, which is a 3 month glucose average. The lab sent back a graph showing my A1C test on 11/11/2002 of 11.10 and on 2/20/2007 it read 6.3! The normal reference range is 4.3-6.1. The doctor said that my blood sugar was averaging around 130 mg/dl.

It was 9 years ago that I was diagnosed with diabetes. After this test, my doctor didn’t even talk about my blood sugar! It was exciting to go through an entire visit without talking about the serious degenerative dangers of high blood sugar. I do want to add that I have changed my diet totally and I am walking 3 miles a day. Many people might think that it was the diet and exercise that has lowered my blood sugar levels over 100 points. (I’ve lost over 45 pounds) But I always counter that without Ningxia Red, I didn’t have the energy to even start walking and without the oils on my knees, legs and feet I couldn’t keep up the stress of walking that many miles.

There is no doubt in my mind that Young Living products are the reason that I can say my blood sugar is almost normal and that my doctor wasn’t even concerned about it. I thank God that He led me to Young Living! -- Karen Hopkins

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