"Drugs do not restore, but destroy... The God of nature directs the human agent to use natural remedies now." - EGW

Essential Oils for Children

Having in your natural medicine chest several commonly used true therapeutic grade essential oils for children can be very convenient and cost effective. Plus, it can turn a screaming unhappy child into a calm and pain free angel in minutes.

Since biblical times man has used natural remedies, including essential oils, for every health concern imaginable. As adults are starting to turn to natural remedies to restore their health they are looking for safe alternatives for their children too. But, are essential oils for children safe to use on your precious little ones? The answer is yes, IF you are using the only true therapeutic grade essential oils available.

How Are Essential Oils Used on Infants and Children

Essential oils for children can be used in the same way as adults; inhalation, topically and internally. The most common way is to apply the oils topically or directly to the skin. This can be applied directly on location, to the bottom of the feet (safest place to put oils) or via a massage, which can be very calming to infants and small children.

In general, essential oils should be diluted for babies. Unless specific instructions have been given, a safe place to start would be to mix one drop of oil with 30 drops of an organic olive oil or organic carrier oil. If the skin becomes red, itchy or hot, apply more olive oil or an organic carrier oil to provide relief.

Diffusing essential oils is a child’s room is a great way for your child to receive the aromatherapy benefits of the essential oils. When diffused, oils travel through the nasal passage into the lungs and then to the body with their powerful anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Diffusing oils like lavender and peace & calming can help your child, as well as you, have a peaceful nights rest.

Older children who cannot swallow a capsule may ingest an essential oil with a small amount of high quality maple syrup, honey or agave or it can be added to almond milk, a cracker or piece of bread. Oral applications can be very effective to combat teething pain and intestinal issues, as well as support the immune and digestive system, in addition to a host of other body functions.

What About Children Who Suffer from Allergies?

Quality therapeutic grade essential oils do not contain peptides, amino acids or allergens, so they do not have allergic effects. For this reason, a person could be allergic to a lavender plant, but not to the lavender oil. Certain essential oils have been used for allergic reactions with great success. Proper nutrition as well as the digestion of nutrients and elimination of waste are crucial to dealing with allergies.

Common Baby and Childhood Uses


KidScents MightyVites and KidScents MightyZymes – For children, who are eating solids, take one chewable tablet prior to each meal.

Peppermint – Dilute one or two drops and apply to the abdomen and rub in a circular, clockwise motion.

Di-Gize – Apply neat to the center of the bottom of the feet and the heal area.

Apply neat to the center of the bottom of the feet and the heel area.


Any of the following oils can be applied, one to two drops over abdomen, then rubbed in a circular, clockwise motion.




Roman chamomile

Lavender and Basil (one drop of each).

Peppermint – can also take one drop orally.

Ledum – can also take one drop orally.

ICP – Place a few teaspoons in water to absorb excess water in the colon.

Ear Infections

It can be tricky to identify an ear infection in babies or children who are too young to tell you where it hurts.

Signs to watch for are:

  • Crankiness
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever
  • Babies may push their bottles away because pressure in the middle ear makes it painful to swallow

Ledum or Melrose – Dilute 1:10 and apply one or two drops all around one the outer ear, down the neck and on the feet several times daily.

Thieves – Apply one or two drops to the feet.

Purification – Apply to inside well of ear with finger.

Melaleuca ericifolia and lavender One drop of each, mix and apply all around outside of ear.

The latest research indicates that when young children get colds, they end up with an ear infection 61% of the time. To help keep your kids immune system strong, in conjunction with a healthy diet, I highly recommend a daily dose of NingXia Red and a couple of drops of Thieves on the feet every night before bed. It's all about prevention!

By the way... the above applications work great for your pets too!


Peppermint – Dilute 1:1 and apply to the navel.

Lavender – Apply one or two drops to the bottom of the feet.

Thieves – Apply one or two drops to the bottom of the feet.

Peppermint – Apply neat to the navel.

Lavender or Thieves – Apply one or two drops to the bottom of the feet hourly.

NingXia Red – Ingest one ounce every couple of hours.


Thieves – Dilute 1:5 and apply directly to affected area.

Exodus II™ - Apply one drop several times per day to relieve pain. May be diluted.

Clove – Dilute 1:5 and massage the baby’s gum and tooth area.

PanAway and Deep Relief – Apply neat to the jaw over the area of pain. Help child to keep the oil out of his or her eyes; dilute the oil or have your carrier oil ready if this is a concern.


Peace & Calming – Dilute 1:2 and apply on the soles of the feet at nap time or bedtime. Also may diffuse 20 – 30 minutes in the bedroom before bed.

Lavender – Same application as above and apply a few drops on the pillow or put in bath water (don’t forget to add the Epson salt).

Valor – Apply on the soles of the feet before bedtime.

Tranquil Roll-on – Apply under the nose, back of neck, soles of the feet and wrists. Also inhale.

Protecting Your Children From Germs in the Classroom

Dr. Mom's Wellness Chest: Essential Oils for Children... and Everyone!

Lavender – Diaper rash, cuts, scrapes, burn, fever, blisters, and ear aches, to calm, for blocked tear ducts, cradle cap and allergies.

Peppermint – Nausea, stomachaches, constipation, fever, colic, headaches, and other muscle aches and discomfort.

– Coughing, immune support, flu and pH balancing.

Frankincense – For colds, flu, pneumonia, blisters, bacterial and viral infections, and head bumps.

R.C.™ - For upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, asthma and congestion.

Di-Gize™ - For stomachaches, stomach viruses, excess mucus and constipation.

Antimicrobial blend, like Thieves – Viral and bacterial infections; anti-fungal and anti-mold.

Pain relief blend, like PanAway and Deep Relief Roll-on – Achy muscles and joints, and headaches.

Relaxing blend, like Peace & Calming – Relaxation and better sleep.

Balancing blend, like Valor – Backaches; anti-viral, anti-bacterial.

Purifying blend, like Purification – Insect bites, cuts and scrapes, coughs and bronchitis; anti-viral,
earaches, swimmers ear.

For your convenience, most of these oils already come in the everyday oils starter kit.

“But Jesus said, ‘Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me; for of such is the kingdom of heaven." {Matthew 19:14}

As a parent, there will be many health challenges and bumps and bruises that you may encounter with your child, but if you’re ready with your mom’s natural wellness chest, it can be much easier to deal with. Yes, natural healing is available for your infant and child!

To ensure that your wellness chest is complete, I highly recommend that you also have the book Gentle Babies by Debrah Raybern, N.D., M.H., C.N.C., I.C.A. A lot of the info on this page was adopted from that book along with a few other resources. With this book and your oils in hand, you’ll be ready for just about anything!

Because of the power, frequency and chemistry behind essential oils, in conjunction with a healthy diet and good hygiene, I personally see no reason why a healthy happy baby needs to be injected with needles full of poisons. I strongly encourage all parents to get the full story about vaccinations before you inject even one needle into your precious little gift from God!

Essential oils for children... God's gift to parents!

"Love them, protect them, but never inject them!"

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need any assistance. 

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