"Drugs do not restore, but destroy... The God of nature directs the human agent to use natural remedies now." - EGW

Essential Oils for Dogs

Essential oils for dogs… really? ABSOLUTELY!!! Essential oils are good for everyone in the family including the dog, cat, bird, horse, and even the pet rat! And as always, one of my favorite reasons for using essential oils vs. drugs is there are NO Side Effects!  Oh, and the cost savings is pretty nice too!  Especially when it comes to those vet bills.

"A dog is the only animal that loves you more than he loves himself."

There’s lot of controversy about using essential oils for dogs, or any animal for that matter, but the problem is not with the essential oil, but with the quality that is used. If you are not using the purest and highest quality of genuine therapeutic grade essential oils, then yes, you are putting your beloved pet in danger!

However, using essential oils for dogs can be the biggest blessing for both you and your faithful friend by bringing them healing, like humans, on the physical and emotional level. Yes, it is true; our pets also have emotions and can suffer physically because of them. And yes, they are greatly effected by our emotions too, rather they be good or bad.

On Top of the World

My 4-legged fur-babies have been oiled and their diets supplemented with oil infused supplements since learning the power of these precious plant oils back in late 2010.

For example, I was immediately able to remove my Caesar boy from prednisone (have you seen the side effects to this drug?) because of lavender essential oil.  Because of NingXia Red and Sulfurzyme I can't even tell that he has bad knees anymore and the need for surgery is a thing of the past. And let me tell you, when the leash comes out... there is no stopping him! In fact, this picture was recently taken once we reached the top of a mountain where we live. The vet said a blown knee and arthritis... what arthritis? What blown knee?

I literally use my oils for everything and have yet to need to take them to the vet. In fact, I have been able to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by not having to run my pets to the vet for everything, including their vaccinations. When an issue does arise, I now grab my wonderful books on essential oils for dogs and pets like the Essential Oils for Natural Pet Care and The Animal Desk Reference: Essential Oils for Animals by Melissa Shelton DVM, Holistic Veterinarian and my bottle of oil. Happy me… happy pets! Oh, and happy pocket book!

Natural healing is not just for man, but for man’s best friend too!


Essential Oil for Dogs - Common Uses

The uses of essential oils for dogs is truly endless and I continue to learn all the different ways essential oils can be used to benefit my babies. They can aid and support our dog's entire physical and emotional well being, just like people. And did you know that adding lemon oil to their water can even help your grass too! Go figure... detox your dog, get greener grass!

Just like people, dogs can benefit from essential oils by using them internally, topically, and inhalation via diffusers. In the section below we'll look at a few of the common issues that arise and how essential oils can be our best ally for natural healing.


Diet is often a large part of the cause for allergies, even in high quality foods because of the “hidden” ingredients. Toxins and chemicals found in your cleaners, air fresheners, etc., can also cause symptoms of allergies. I personally use Young Living cleaning products and diffuse my oils daily to not only eliminate harmful chemicals, but to also provide my pets with more exposure to the benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils on a daily basis.

General recommendations:


Arthritis, inflammation in and around the joints, is a common issue these days and it is affecting us and our pets. So what can we do to help our pets feel less pain and more alive?

First recommendations:

Copaiba, sulfurzyme, BLM capsules, OmegaGize 3, frankincense.

General recommendations:


  • Small dog: mix 1 part copaiba with 3 parts organic carrier oil. Give 1-2 drops of this dilution, twice a day.
  • Medium dog: mix 1 part copaiba with 1 part organic carrier oil. Give 1-2 drops of this dilution, twice a day.
  • Large dog: give 1 drop of copaiba without dilution, twice a day.

The oil can be given in food, given orally, or applied topically in almost any location. After 1-2 months the amount of oil used may be able to be lessened to maintain the dogs comfort.

Sulfurzyme – According to Dr. Shelton DVM, it is almost impossible to give too much of this amazing supplement.

  • Small dog: 1 to 1 ½ teaspoon once to twice a day for small dogs.
  • Medium dogs: 1 heaping teaspoon.
  • Large dogs: 1 heaping tablespoon.

This supplement is truly amazing and is a huge part of the reason I no longer suffer from severe rheumatoid arthritis pain. Plus, my dogs are happier too!

Ear Spray

This ear spray was developed by Sara Kenney, and is great for ear infections and to just keep the ears sparkling clean and free from bacteria and yeast.

In a 1 ounce glass spray or dropper bottle add:

    1 ½ teaspoons of Thieves essential oil blend spray
    1 tablespoon of organic carrier oil, like olive or coconut
    3 drops of lemongrass essential oil
    4 drops of copaiba essential oil
    5 drops of purification essential oil blend

Add distilled water to fill the bottle. Spray into ears as needed, generally once or twice a day with severe irritation. If using a dropper bottle, gently apply the solution to the outer part of the ear, avoid dripping large amounts directly down into the ear canal.

Skin Spray

The following spay is great for post clipping irritations, hot spots, skin infections, bug bites, and much more....

In a 2 ounce glass spray bottle add:

  • 4 drops Copiaba essential oil
  • 7 drops of Lavender essential oil
  • 5 drops of Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) essential oil
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water

Shake well and apply to skin as needed. Generally 1-2 times a day is adequate.

Pets Love To Shop
Pets Love To Shop

Natural "PET" Wellness Kit

Below are just a few of the many uses of essential oils for dogs and other pets using just the 9 oils in the Everyday Oils Collection. These oils are a must have if you have any family with 4-legged friends.

The below recommendations are from Dr. Mary Hess, DVM.

  • Lemon: Used to increase awareness in training or cognitive issues. It is an anti-parasitic and can be combined with others safely, excellent for skin conditions. Use topically, diffused or ingested.

  • Lavender: Use for injuries while hiking or riding. Gentle but anti-infectious. When combined with peppermint, healing is increased and infection and pain is decreased. Repels parasites and calms nervous system. May be helpful for masses and tumors. Dilution recommended with lavender.

  • Frankincense: Safer, gentle oil that is a favorite for smaller pets and birds. Used in every aspect of pet care: wounds, tumors, behavior, infections, bacterial and fungal control.

  • Peppermint: Use with PanAway for any injury. Most used oil for overheated horses and dogs, provides cooling quickly. Used on long hikes, placing a drop in water for internal cooling. Peppermint must be diluted for cats, 1 part oil to 4 parts vegetable oil.

  • Purification: Use for parasites such as fleas, ticks and mosquitos for dog and horse. Dilute 75% for cats. For birds, mist the cage with oil instead of applying directly to the bird.

  • Valor: Useful for all pets for fear, behavior and training. Especially useful for pet rescue. Use for skin masses, itching, allergies and infections. Diffuse or apply topically. Place around collar or leash.

  • Peace & Calming: Main calming blend for this collection. Use for fear, anxiety, behavior problems, car rides, excitement. Builds confidence.

  • PanAway: Best oil blend for injury. Can be used with cats if diluted. Used for urinary issues, osteo-arthritis pain, dental extraction or post-surgery. Use topically in warm compress, in raindrop technique or vita-flex points on feet.

  • Thieves: Strongest anti-infectious blend in this collection. Can be used on all pets if diluted properly. Provides significant pain relief, particularly for dental problems. Have anti-parasitic properties, especially for ticks. Can be used topically to location of injury, vita-flex, raindrop, or internally. Diffuse.

Do I Need to Dilute?

Great question! However, each dog is different so there really is no right or wrong answer. However, whether you’re starting to use an oil orally, topically, via diffusion, or by administering a Raindrop Technique – the basics are all the same. Start with a small amount of essential oil and gradually increase the amounts of the oil based on the animals reaction and/or need.

Although in most cases, unless dealing with a "hot" oil, I don’t dilute the oils I use on my dogs, I highly recommend that if you’re new to using essential oils for dogs that you do dilute. The smaller the dog, the more dilution recommended. The V-6 oil or organic carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil that you choose is not going to reduce the potency of the essential oil used, it will only reduce the absorption rate.

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Save A Dog!

Using essential oils for dogs, children, pregnant women, the sick, and basically everyone with a heartbeat is not my only passion. I also have a passion to help save the lives of as many dog as possible, especially those that are on death row at high kill shelters.

Although I try to support as many pet rescue organizations around the world as I can, I primarily work with a few in Southern California, The Furry Angels Foundation and The Little Red Dog, in an effort to save as many from Devore animal shelter in San Bernardino and other local high kills shelters.

I rescued and/or fostered about five last year and still have the mama dog, Evie that I took on in December of 2011 as she and her unborn pups were going to be put to sleep. Can you believe it! How could anyone do such a cruel and heartless thing???  Death of the innocent is NOT the answer!

I know five isn't that many, and not as many as I wish I would help, but just think about how many precious doggie lives would be saved if everyone would just help rescue one dog a year. I'm guessing that's a whole lot more puppy love to go around!

This is a picture of Evie inhaling her Peace & Calming essential oil before bedtime. She is so funny… I had such a hard time getting this picture, so please forgive it's poor quality, because she actually kept trying to eat the bottle.

If you would like to support saving the lives of dogs like Evie by either a financial donation and/or by opening up your heart and home by either providing a dog in need with either a forever home or by just being a foster, please contact Donna at The Furry Angel Foundation or PJ at The Little Red Dog. If it wasn’t for PJ and her rescue organization, Evie and her healthy and happy 6 pups (all of which got loving forever homes) would not be with us today!

By the way... Evie is still looking for her forever home (this is Evie with my Lil Angel). If you would like an active dog who loves to play ball and swim in her kiddie pool and has lot's of love and kisses to give, she is your dog. Please contact me or PJ at The Little Red Dog for more info on adopting her.

"A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast" -- Prov. 12:10

Have Questions... Need Help?

The information provided on this page is just the beginning of how essential oils can help you with your dog’s health needs as well as those unfortunate accidents that occur.

I encourage you to get some of my recommended resources and continue to lean all about the power and uses behind these amazing God-given oils. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any immediate questions or need any assistance.

Essential oils for dogs... what do they say about this?

Success Stories

Ear Sliced in Dog Fight

Sorry the first picture is so graphic, but the timeline between the two pictures is only nine days. The first picture was taken on June 13th, immediately after his ear was ripped open by another dog and the second picture was taken on June 22nd.

The oils I used were:

I used Geranium morning, noon and night, all nine days. I used Three Wise Men for two of those daily applications.

I used Purification and Melrose once a day and on some of those days I just alternated them. I layered these oils on top of each other...   some days I used V6 oil with the Purification and Melrose and other times I used them neat. I always topped off the layering with Geranium, somehow I believed it was best to finish with that one. I think that was the most healing oil in this regimen, as it is wonderful for cauterizing AND healing. I just simply tipped the bottle an poured it directly on the wound, probably 5-10 drops each time. The first couple of days, I used Aroma Siez on the pads of his paws, so he wouldn't go into shock. I had read that somewhere online and tried it.

This is a giant ear, as it belongs to a giant dog...  he is an Old English Mastiff, basically, a small horse, lol! The wound was very large and completely split open and as much as I know the power of these oils, even I couldn't believe the short timeline for the complete and total healing that took place. Thank God for these oils! If I had taken him to the vet, we would have paid between $1,000-$1,500 for the antibiotic shot, wound cleaning, stitches and round of antibiotics. I didn't worry about germs, since all these oils are so highly antibacterial, but I knew that Purification was my powerhouse in that area. ~ Jen

Eye Wound

This is my Caesar boy.  He got in a little tiff with one of our rescue staffies over the vacuum.  In the short 30 seconds of going at each other’s face, Caesar's eye was scratched.  It started off as just a minor scratch so I made up a bottle of lavender spray and sprayed his eye real good and then applied some Animal Scents Ointment.  I did this for several days, of which it was healing nicely, but then he decided to scratch it with this paw and made it worse (see pic on 9/7/13).  He definitely made it worse, but it was nothing I knew my oils couldn't handle.  To get it closed and healed up ASAP, I changed my tactics and started blending...

I activated this in my hand and rubbed it directly on the wound.  I then applied the Animal Scents Ointment to seal in the oils.  I tried to do this at least 2x a day.  As of today, 9/11/13, his eye is scabbed over and practically all healed up.  I am so grateful that I have these oils to use on my fur-babies vs. having to run then to the vet with every accident or health issue saving me time and money.  Talk about a blessing! ~ Bonnie

Tumor Gone

Click Here for Additional Success Stories

If you have a success story you'd like to share, please contact me with details along with any before and after pics, if applicable, and I'll gladly post it.

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