"Drugs do not restore, but destroy... The God of nature directs the human agent to use natural remedies now." - EGW

12 Reasons Why I Choose Young Living Essential Oils 

The short description I give to people when asked why I choose Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) can be summed up in two words...

Integrity and Purity!

When it comes to choosing a company / product line that pertains to my health and well-being and that of my family I can't afford to play around. In order to obtain natural healing one must be using God's medicine, not that which was created in a lab or adulterated in any way!

From the years of research I have done, along with my own personal experience, there is only one essential oil and personal wellness company that satisfactorily meets both of these standards.  

Below are just 12 reasons why I choose Young Living.

1. The Owner, D. Gary Young

Gary Young is a man of faith who has over 30 years of hands on industry experience.  

In the interior of Yemen researching areas where the myrrh tree can be found. The best myrrh was located on Socotra Island, where Young Living’s Sweet Myrrh comes from.

Not only is Gary the pioneer of modern day therapeutic grade essential oils that come as close to a Biblical grade quality as humanly possible, as were once used by ancient Israel and Jesus himself, but he is a man of integrity and seeks for the better good of both man and the earth.  

Gary doesn’t go around copying or sealing from others, and he doesn’t need too because he is leading the pack.  You won’t find Gary behind a desk because he’s too busy out working his tail off searching for new botanicals, starting new farms/distilleries, starting schools to help those that are less fortunate and improving the quality of lives for countless people all over the world.  

A company Is Only As Good As Its Owner/Leaders! 

A statement made by Gary a while back – “So how much time have I spent doing this?  I’ve spent 34 years researching oils; 33 years traveling and studying aromatics, including to Somalia; 24 years farming and wild crafting in 10 countries; 24 years distilling aromatics for essential oils; and constructing 11 distilleries worldwide.”

Here is a great article to help one get a good glimps of the man behind Young Living, D. Gary Young.

2) They Own Their Own Farms and Distilleries

Gary Young with several YL members enjoying winter harvest 2014.

Young Living does not need to buy from brokers because they own their own farms and distilleries around the globe that anyone can visit.  Members even have the privilege of participating in the harvesting and distillation process.  Want to have a clear understanding and better respect for what it takes to produce genuine therapeutic grade essential oils?  Just participate in this amazing experience once -- if you really have gusto, join in on one of the winter harvests.  The word is you'll never be the same and the oils won't appear to cost enough for the work it takes. I'm looking forward to being apart of one of the upcoming lavender harvests.

Young Living's horses at work during winter harvest 2014.

3) Has Internal Standards That Exceed European Standards

They are the only company that has set internal standards that far exceed European AFNOR/ISO Standards (the US currently has no standards or certification processes. However, AIRASE is currently in the process of setting up standards that will separate the fakes from the original). And that standard is back by a Seed to Seal® guarantee!  

Seed To Seal

"Young Living is proud to set the standard for essential oil purity and authenticity by carefully monitoring the production of our oils through our unique Seed to Seal® process. From the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle, we apply the most rigorous quality controls possible to ensure that you are receiving essential oils exactly the way nature intended.

Our exclusive Seed to Seal process includes five painstaking steps: Seed, Cultivate, Distill, Test, Seal."

4) World Leader

They are the World Leader in essential oil production and distillation and believe in all 3 models of usage: English, German and French.

5) Testing

Every single batch of Young Living's essential oils are rigorously tested immediately by in house testing labs as well as tested again by 3rd party testing labs.  This helps to ensure that we are getting the most effective and purest oils possible.

Dr. Woolley holding an optical rotometer, the scientific instrument that enabled YL to show that the species of B. carterii and B. sacra are not synonymous but two distinct frankincense species.

6) Pest Control & Weed Control

All pest control is done with essential oils and all weed control is done by hand.

7) Largest Selection of Essential Oils

They have the largest selection of singles and blends available and have over 500 life improving products.

8) Toxic Free & Oil Infused Supplements/Personal Care Products

Whether you want to fill your home with safe, purifying and toxic free products (the Thieves line is awesome); strengthen your physical wellness; improve your emotional balance; or enhance your natural beauty, Young Living's genuine therapeutic grade essential oils and essential oil-infused products makes living a chemical free life is fun and rewarding.

9) Raindrop Techniuqe

Over 20 years ago "D. Gary Young developed the Raindrop Technique based on his research of essential oils and their antimicrobial properties, his knowledge of the Vita Flex technique and its reflex points on the feet, and fascinating information on the light stroking called effleurage and its effects on the muscles and the nervous system." -- EODR 5th edition.

I love being able to help improve the health of people and their pets by being a facilitator of the Raindrop Technique Massage as well as empowering others to take control of and improve their own health, at home, with the Raindrop Collection w/ instructional DVD.  This is just one of Young Livings life changing essential oil kits that make that possible.

10) Exclusively Trusted

Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are exclusively used and trusted by:

  • Doctors and dieticians in 30+ countries
  • Top medical institutions like Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.
  • Professional and Olympic athletes
  • Millions of families

"In order to insure consistent quality, 
we use Young Living Oils exclusively."
D.J.R., RRT, RM.Co-Chairman, Integrative Therapies, Cleveland Clinic Healing Services Team

11) Young Living Gives Back

Gary and his team are committed to educating and inspiring individuals to love, honor and live a healthy lifestyle. One of the ways they do this is providing educational, economical, and medical support to individuals and communities worldwide.

YLEO has always sought to be involved in philanthropic community efforts and help those in need. Through the D. Gary Young Foundation hey are committed to educating and inspiring individuals to love, honor and live a healthy lifestyle. One of the ways they do this is providing educational, economical, and medical support to individuals and communities worldwide.  Then there is the Young Living Outreach.  Some of the many causes Young Living supports include:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Mothers without Borders
  • Red Cross
  • Columbian Presbyterian Hospital
  • Helping Hands for Haiti
  • Community Action Food Bank
  • And many more

12) Biblically-Based

They are a Biblical-based company.  For some of you this may not matter much, but as a Christian, this is extremely important.  Young Living promotes the healing method and healing oils found throughout in the Bible.  In fact, many of their singles/blends are based on Biblical oils, as mentioned over 188 times in the Bible.  

YLEO is a one-of-a-kind company that is changing lives around the globe in a major way – physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and financially, one drop at a time. And I feel so blessed to be apart of such a movement.  

YLEO is not about the marketing hype and will not compromise their integrity for nothing.  If you are at all familiar with Young Living then you know that we are continually out of products.  Why?  One, because of our tremendous growth and two, because Gary Young would rather be out of stock and lose out on sales than to produce anything less than God’s best!  

As For Me and My House

Because D. Gary Young and Young Living is a Biblical-based company that stands on integrity and purity, a company who walks the talk, I am confident in the quality of their oils and believe they exceed what one would expect from even a "therapeutic grade" essential oil.  In fact I believe they produce Biblical grade essential oils -- just as God intended.   Therefore, I feel not only good about using their product line, but I feel good about supporting them as a business.  

Yes, there are many essential oil providers out there, and some will have a better quality of oil when compared to others, but as for me and my house, we will only serve the Lord and use Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ Essential Oils!

Your choice of essential oils may be different from mine, and that's okay! I just hope that the info I share will help educate and empower you with facts so you can make the best choices possible for you and your family. Much of our freedom is being taken away, but where you have the power to choose, I pray you will choose wisely.  

The Young Living lifestyle helps you live life to the fullest, 
one drop at a time!

Blessings, Bonnie
"May you prosper... and be in health."

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